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Mercedes Benz Ambient Light Introduction 24 Jul 2017

Ambient light is a flexible high-brightness astigmatism optical fiber LED atmosphere lamp, it has the decoration function and can adjust the mood, thanks to Mercedes designer, now it is available in latest high version Mercedes car of W205 C Class, W213 E Class, GLC.

It has 3 different colors (ice sea blue, classic orange, sparkling silver) and five brightness for options, users can use the original Command control knob to control the light.

See below picture, when you browse the latest Mercedes OEM radio system menu, you will find the there's Ambient Light Color for users to adjust the light.

Mercedes ambient light

But in low version C & GLC, you may not find the Ambient Light option in the radio system, or you can find it, you can not use, this is because your car do not have the ambient light.

Here's an Mercedes Ambient light kit designed special for new Mercedes C Class & GLC, it is complete OEM design can be fixed on the door and center control perfectly, and the light color is just same as high version car original one.

Mercedes ambient light kit

This is installation effect, with 3 colors for options (ice blue, classic orange and sparkling silver) and 5 brightness to adjust.

Sparkling Silver

Mercedes ambient lamp - sparkiing silver

ICE Blue

Mercedes ambient light kit - Ice blue

Classic Orange

Mercedes ambient light kit - Classic Orange

In some C Class & GLC cars, the ambient light function in already activated, so you can find the Ambient Light options in the radio menu, so if you want ambient light, just install our ambient light kit then you can use it; But in some markets, the function is hidden and not activated, so you need to activated the functions, here is the OBD activation module to help to activate the ambient light menu.

Mercedes Ambient Light Activation Module

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