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Mercedes Benz
2 Minutes to Activate Mercedes Benz CarPlay Function, Suitable for A / B / CLA / GLA / GLE / GLS / CLS 31 Jul 2017

With Carphone's Mercedes CarPlay OBD tool, it takes only 2 minutes to activate the build in CarPlay function for Mercedes; Suitable car model including: A / B/ CLA / GLA / GLE / GLS / CLS.

What is CarPlay

1, With CarPlay, user can connect Apple iPhone to car head unit system, to show and control some specific functions of iPhone on the original LCD display and control button, via iPhone Siri function, it will be safer for drivers. With CarPlay, user can dial, listen music, send/receive message, use navi more safe.
2, User can also control iPhone's basic functions via original multimedia system touch screen, such as iTues, Map, Message. Via CarPlay, drivers can make call, listen to voice email without taking hands out of steering wheel; Driver can also activate the Siri function via an original button.

Mercedes benz Carplay

Which Mercedes car models can be activated?

Below car model list is with build in CarPlay function but it is hidden when the car is sold, use our CarPlay OBD tool, the CarPlay function can be activated

Model Chassis Number Year Produced
A Class W176
B Class W246
CLA Class
CLS Class

GLA Class
GLE Class
GLE Class
GLS Class
SL Class

Carphone Mercedes CarPlay OBD tool

Carphone Mercedes CarPlay OBD tool

How to use CarPlay

1, After activating CarPlay, use usb cable to connect with the USB port with monitor icon, then can use CarPlay
2, Press twice phone menu in original LCD to enter CarPlay menu

Can activate Siri function to realized function needed such as Navigation, iTunes

Mercedes Benz CarPlay

Mercedes Benz CarPlay

How to control CarPlay system

After connecting to iPhone, you can choose below ways to control the CarPlay function:

1, Siri voice control
2, Multimedia touch screen control
3, Original button

Carphone other Mercedes Benz OBD activation tools for reference:

Function Name Compatible Car Model
Mercedes start-stop function dis-activated A / B / C / E / CLA / GLA / GLC / GLE / GLS / CLS
Set parking sensor voice frequency and volume according to obstacles A / B / C / E / CLA / GLA / GLC / GLE / GLS / CLS
Multimedia AMG boot up logo A / B / C / E / CLA / GLA / GLC / GLE / GLS / CLS
Seat belt tip sound setting A / B / C / E / CLA / GLA / GLC / GLE / GLS / CLS
Turning light flashing setting A / B / C / E / CLA / GLA / GLC / GLE / GLS / CLS
Video in motion E
TPMS A / B / C / E / CLA / GLA / GLC / GLE
Keyless Go C / GLC
Ambient light C / GLC

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