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Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions: How to install an Aftermarket BMW 5 Series F10 Navigation System

Aug 29,2017

This BMW 5 Series navigation system installation instructions can be used for BMW 5 Series from 2011 to 2016; The screen power connecting socket of 2011-2012 is different from the car of 2013-2016, the socket of 2011-2012 is with 4 pins while the 2013-2016 is 6 pins, so when you buy your f10 navigation system, make sure that the seller has sent you the right one.

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Steps 1: Remove the air conditioner outlet and original LCD

Steps 2: Remove the center control panel

Steps 3: Remove CD player and pull out the power socket

Steps 4: Connect our cable to original cables (Note: the optical cable should connects to the power socket)

Steps 5: Layout the original screen cable under the CD player

Steps 6: Install our 10.2'' LCD and lay the LCD cable under the CD player

Steps 7: Fixed the GPS antenna to the shark fin

Steps 8: Install the DVD player to the glove box

Steps 8: Connect the decoder and fixed it.

1, Short press MAP to enter Navi menu.

2, In Navi menu, short press MENU to enter the main menu of the device, in original menu, long press MENU button to go the device menu

3, Use the knob to choose and enter/exit each sub-menu

4, Short press MEDIA / RADIO to go back to original menu

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