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Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions: How to install an Aftermarket Audi Q3 Navigation System

Aug 15,2017

Low version car of Audi Q3 with an 6.5'' screen, but did not come with an touch screen and navigation system. This article will give an instruction to you how to add the navigation system to your car, as well as parking guidline, you can also add the mirror link function and backup camera to the system (it is optional)if you want it.

(>>>Audi Q3 Navigation Sat Nav System With Build In Dynamic Parking Gridline, click here for product link)

Product Details

1, 7 inch monitor                 2, Interface box                 3, Fixing cover               

4, CAN conversing line         5, Power cable                   6, LVDS cable

7, GPS antenna                   8, AV output cable             9, AV input cable

Unplug the Audi Q3 original CD player / tool case and the cover of air-condition

Take off original screen

Unplug the TFT LCD as shown in the figure

Plug our 7 inch TFT LCD as shown in the figure

Replace origiinal power cable and LVDS cable with ours ( Note: original LVDS cable is useless after installed interface unit

Connecting the sensor CAN cable in the rear turnk and put them away in the front tool case

Fixing the cable connector with dedicated cover which giving with our goods

Follow below instructions to set the switch

SW1 Up: Original with sensor

SW1 Down: Original without sensor

SW8 Up: TV In

SW8 Down: AV in

SW 2 3 4 5 6 7 all are up as standard

Click right bottom to enter our interface system, main menu also on the right bottom

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