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Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions: How to install Aftermarket Audi A4 / Q5 Navigation System

Sep 04,2017

Low version car of Audi A4 / Q5 with an 6.5'' screen, but did not come with an touch screen and navigation system. This article will give an instruction to you about how to add the navigation system to Audi A4 / Q5, after installing this system, you can also have the parking guideline, you can also add mirror link function and backup camera to the system (it is optional) if you want it.

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Take off the screen frame and air conditioner frame

Take off LCD

Change it to our 7 inch screen and fixed it with glue

Pay attention to the Bluetooth microphone station

Connect te main power cable and LVDS cable (attention: original car LVDS cable is useless any more)

Remove the front CAN adapter and plug in as picture show (CAN H TO #

Connect all cables

Install the head unit and wiring, we suggest take off the tail light and cover antenna inside

Radar CAN cables for optional when install the A4

Switch setting

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