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Audi A4 A6 Q7 Surround View System / Camera 09 Sep 2017

A 360 surround view system usually include an video interface, front, back, left and right camera.

The front and back camera will be installed on front and back bumper; Left and right camera installs on the both side of rear view mirror.

4 wide angle cameras will shoot the image of car surround environment and the video interface will process and compose the image to an vertical view image to show on the car screen. 360 degree surround view camera will give driver a view of no blind spot to park the car safely.

Besides the 360 degree surround view function, the system is also with 4 channel DVR functions and build in PAS parking guide line.

Audi A4 A6 Q7 Surround View System

Here's one of Carphone's 360 degree surround view camera system for Audi A4, A6, Q7.


  • Build in car video interface with HD digital signal and non-traditional CVVS
  • Comes with front and rear view camera with dynamic guide line, keep the original car radar function.
  • Original style UI
  • One key calibration
  • Build in four channel DVR

Audi A4 A6 Q7 Surround View System

Audi A4 A6 Q7 Surround View System

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